About me

My name is Lidewij Olive, from the Netherlands. I love independent travelling and photography. Through travelling I saw a lot of places, learned a lot of things and experienced a lot more in life than I would without travelling. I like to share the world with you. The world how I see it, by my own eyes, captured throuh my lens. Because I think the world has so many special places and people. Some stunning, some impressive, some sad. But all with its beauty within.

I started this blog when I went to Ghana for holiday. I had so many impressions and photo’s and I liked to share them online. So I decided to make this travelblog. Some time later, I made a big, half year, trip. I decided to use this blog to give updates along the way. During this trip I worked with a local NGO and lived with a local family in Bolgatanga, Ghana. After I finished this job, I travelled with my boyfriend around Ghana and to Tanzania, Malawi, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Japan and Rome. It was a journey we will never forget! We saw so many things and learned so much! Now I use this blog for further travels and updates about my photography activities, to show this beautiful world and the way people live in it. I hope you enjoy this blog, inspire you a bit and make you think about your own world and the differences in the world.

All photo’s on this blog are made by me, except some where I am on. The words are from me or from my boyfriend, depending on the blog.

If you want to follow me, you can follow this blog (at the bottom of this website) or follow me on Instagram and Facebook. If you want to use any of my creative content, you can contact me at info@lidewijolive.com. You can also use that emailaddress for any other questions.