Ghana spring 2016

Travel companions building a sand castle

Ghana: from north to south

So the travel companions are back again. After a hectic period, they finally got out again at the beach. This ...
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Selling kule kule (something like peanut chips) at the market

Your requests, food and people

Last time I asked you what you would like to see. This blogpost contains your requests and some more pictures ...
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field trip dance

What would you like to see?

Before I begin this blog, I would like to ask you something. Next week will be my last week in ...
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Portraits: the faces of a Ghanian village

This weekend I went to shoot some photo's in a Ghanian village, where I stay at the moment. All these ...
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Newyear, blessings and not celebrating your birthday

I wish you all the best for 2017 and I hope this year will bring a lot of love, fun, ...
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Chirstmas and holidays

This Thursday was the last working day at the office. It was accompanied by a ‘meat party’. This party involved ...
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My new life in Ghana

Now that I am one week with my host family and started working, it begins to feel like home, and ...
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host family

Host family and the first week

I am almost one week in Ghana now. Now that I am with my host family and beginning to have ...
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strong men building a house in Atsiekpoe, Ghana

Ghanian people

I feel pride Hard working Begging is not allowed A strong nation Proud of the different religions Living peacefully together ...
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