African heat

headland with on one side the atlantic ocean on the other the volta river

‘Did you already get used to the African heat’?, he asked us. I am used to a lot of heat, travelled a lot of hot countries, I love heat! So I will also love the African heat, that is what I thought. But the African heat is something else.

It is like sweating with every step you take, because it is so hot.

It is like showering with cold water and not even noticing it, because it is so hot.

It is like taking a taxi for only a few hundred meters, beacuse it is so hot.

Even the ghanian people are not used to the African heat. Sometimes they cannot sleep at night, and they go sleep outside. They carry these napkins all the time, to wipe the sweat of their heads. Because it is so hot.

Just a little bit more than a month, and I will go back to that heat. I am looking forward to it, because I do not like cold weather. I am looking forward to not having a winter this year. But for now, I enjoy autumn in Holland more than I usually do, knowing the heat can be too much for me.

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