Being social

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In Ghana it is not an option not to be social. You can not sit somewhere and enjoy the moment with just the two of you. It is not something that Ghanian people do. I guess it is not in their culture.

So when you sit or walk somewhere, there is always someone near you. Talking to you or just hanging out with you.

When you are in a hotel, and there is just this one other guest, you are invited to join him. And of course you are also invited to join his food, because they share everything. I wonder if they even know what personal posession is.

This being social gives you the opportunity to talk to a lot of people, to learn to know how people think. And that makes some fun conversations.

For example the guy asking how the sea in Holland is. Is it possible to drink it there? Because it is so salty here. Or the tour guide being very surprised a tourist did not pay for his wife. Or this other guy, having no idea of Western wealth. Being struck dumb after he heard what a computer costs in Holland. Being even more struck dumb when he heard that everybody in Holland is paying that for a computer.

Maybe that is the reason Ghana is such a safe country. They have no idea about life in the western world. That makes that you are not a wandering wallet, but just a very interesting person to talk to.

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