Ghanian beat

playing djembe in Cape coast, Ghana with global mamma's

The way we saw Ghanian people experiencing music is different from Holland. Of course there are also people with headphones, but music is also something that will be shared. So in a village, city, or a station, there is this one guy having boxes. Really big boxes, like as big as a human being. He is taking care of the music. When he is feeling like, he will start playing the music. On a loud volume, very loud. So everybody can enjoy. People on the street start dancing. Being happy that this one guy is sharing the music with them.

On a beach camp we were staying, there was the option of renting boxes. So you could play your music at a really loud volume, for everyone to enjoy. It is like you can pay to be the DJ.

This sharing of music makes people dance and smile. Music gives colour to life. And that is something universal.

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