Ghanian food

mango tree

My boyfriend consideres himself a ‘foodie’. He is the kind of person that researches about the food of the country he travels to. Because of the foodie-ness of my boyfriend, I can eat and try a lot of culinairy delights

For example the excellent ‘redred’, being my personal favourite. A dish with peas, red palm oil and plantain or ‘yam’. This ‘yam’ was very yummie. It tasted like potato, but different, and it can be coocked or fried, like french fries.

There was also fresh fruit. On the streets women skilfully cutted pineapple, mango or other fruit. You can get it as an ‘on the go’.

I also liked that all food is organic and unmanipulated. My belly was very content and dit not get upset.

There was only one dish I did not like. This one was called ‘banku’. It is a mixture of fermented corn and cassava dough, rolled into a ball, served with a sauce. I did not like the taste that much, but later we found out this food was not meant to be chewed on. It was meant to be swallowed without chewing. It mainly had the function of getting full. That function it fulfilled very well.

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