I can not imagine

heavy bucket

The buckets with water

Are so heavy

I can not imagine carrying them

The children carrying them are so young and small

The women are so strong

I can not imagine having so much power

They use the water for cooking and drinking

But the water is filled with soap, dung and bilharzia

I can not imagine drinking it

At a certain age

The children start peeing blood

I can not imagine this being a normal part of life

Such strong hard working people

Being weakened by this hygienical circumstances

Only because of the place they were born

If health was not an issue

Can you imagine how strong they would be?

Can you imagine the power they would have?

Can you imagine what they could do for this world?

Next time when you complain, think about this

Be happy for the clean water that comes out of your tap

Be happy you don’t have to walk for water before taking a shower

Be happy for the nearby doctor and your possibilities to cure a lot of diseases

Even those simple things

We assume to be very normal

Is something to be grateful about

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