Quiet day

making friends with a school class in Accra, Ghana

On our first day in Ghana we wanted to acclimatize a bit. So we thought about doing a calm activity. You know, to get ‘into the country’ a bit, at a tranquil pace.

So first we went buying a SIM card, which was a slow activity, because we had to wait for an hour or so, in two different lines, to be able to buy that SIM card. The internet in Ghana is really cheap by the way, and they do not have a lot of WIFI. So it is really recommended to buy that SIM card.

After that we went to Jamestown. Our hostel host said it was not a really calm activity, but calm was not an option in Accra. And it would be more relaxed than visiting the saturday market. So Jamestown it was. A town by the sea, view over the ocean, fresh smell, wind in the air.  A perfect place to unwind. Well not in Ghana. The beach houses here are something else. They are really fresh, because the wind just comes through. Wooden houses you can not stand in, a hardknock life for struggling fisherman. A lot of people on a small strip of land, memories of a once occupied country.

Overwhelmed by these new impressions we thought about visiting a park. Sit for a while, relax a bit. Well not in Ghana. It did not took long before we met a whole school class. A lot of curious children, wanting to talk and pose for the camera.

This was our first encounter with Ghana. On one side the material poverty,  on the other side the emotional richness of the people. Not exactly a quiet first day.

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