Canggu, surfers, good food and a temple in the sea in Bali

So when arriving on Bali something terrible happened. Take a close look at the second picture.

One of the travel companions fell into a pond, and some airport employee retrieved him with a net. The life of a travel companion is not without risk, but high risk, high rewards.


First place we went to on Bali was Canggu. There are lots of beaches on Bali, and there are a whole bunch of areas targeting a specific audience. Canggu targets the young, hipster/surfer crowd. Being very young and hip ourselves, we fit right in of course! ;-p

The are lots of nice restaurants with all kinds of food (including a lot of vegetarian en vegan restaurants), and don’t get me wrong: We like Indonesian food but after some time it’s also nice to eat something different. So we spent some days enjoying tasty food, while Lily enjoyed the waitresses attention.

Where we stayed

We stayed in a very nice guesthouse Melati Bali 2, which was close to all the restaurants, but on a quiet side street, so you didn’t have all the noise of the busy main street.

The beach

The beach itself was not overly spectacular, but the sea had great waves for surfing, so that was what most of the people were doing. We did not surf, but we liked watching the surfers. And it’s always a good thing to have sand on your feet!

Indonesie Canggu-7712

Can you find the surfers falling off their boards in these photo’s?

The sea was a bit rough for swimming though, but Lily enjoyed the waves.

There were some nice restaurants with good view at the beach, and also a Hindu temple. A sign requests people to not sunbathe in front of the temple (pink sign on the photo). People either ignore it, or don’t notice.

Strangely, 50 meters from the beach there is a garbage dump. You would think this would be an A location for accomodation or a restaurant.

Indonesie Canggu-7881

Tanah Lot

One afternoon we visited Tanah Lot which is a popular attraction close to Canggu. This temple is built on an island, and only on low tide it is accessible from land. It is certainly a beautiful sight, especially around sunset. Just anticipate the crowds: you will share this sight with lots of other people. But in the end, I think it’s worth it, but see the photo’s and judge for yourself.

Indonesie Canggu-


All in all we enjoyed our 3 nights in Canggu. But especially after first going to Java you suddenly feel like you’re barely in Indonesia anymore.

Indonesie Canggu-7663

The signs that you are in Indonesia are there if you look for them. But at the same time, this is far from the Indonesia we experienced on Java.

But the funky restaurants were a welcoming change, Tanah Lot was a beautiful sight, and if you are a surfer, I guess you can enjoy this place for a long time. For us, this short time was enough, and it was time to move on in search of some nature, some more peace and quiet and hopefully a more authentic experience. See you next blog in a village near Munduk.

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