A big fat cat and exhibition in a caravan

It has been more than a month ago since my last blog. In a month a lot happened. In this blog you can see in which caravan you can see my photo’s and I will show you some new photo’s I made in Groningen.

Flowers in my garden

Exhibitions in a caravan and shop windows

I made a lot of photo’s while travelling. In the coming months they will be exhibited.  In september my photo’s can be seen in Hengelo:

‘ t Toonzaaltje is a lightblue caravan, situated in the urban garden of Hengelo, at ‘Marskant’, near the city centre. It is an initiative of local  artists and is used for exhibitons in the public space. In September the caravan will be mine and I will decorate it with my photo’s. My work can be seen here in september for 24 hours a day.

Opening: 14-09, 19:00 Brasserie So Nice

I will be joining the project RAAM!KUNST, organised by the “week of amateur art” (WAK) in Hengelo. RAAM!KUNST is a project where local artists can display their art in shop windows in the city centre in Hengelo. My photo’s can be seen at the shop window of  Foto Center Grabosch and in the shop window and inside the shop of confectionery Gustaf. After the opening on 14-09, you can see my photo’s in the shop windows 24/7 and the photo inside Gustaf when the confectionery is open. You can treat yourself to their great pastries, while watching my photo:)

Series on my website

I made more than 10.000 photo’s of my travels. To put a little order in the chaos, I put series together. Series are photo’s that belong together. They make a story. Last month I added the following series to my website :

Working for a NGO

Typical dutch

The beauty of Ghana

A day in Groningen: the big fat cat

Ok, here the fat cat will come in. Just hang on till the end. I went to Groningen and I took my camera. Travelling can also be done in your own country and there is a lot of beauty to see close to your own home. I have been living in Groningen when I studied psychology, so I always like to come back, feel the old memories, and see how the city has changed. Groningen is a nice old town, with beautiful canals in it. It is also a very friendly town. I liked photographing the old as well as the new side of Groningen. You can click on the photo to see a description.

I always like to shoot portraits, so this time my father was my voluntary victim and the big fat cat was my not so voluntary victim. The cat was really strange, it walked very fast through the streets, I had to run to get a good shot of it. I wonder who owns the cat.

My father looking over the canals

The big fat cat

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