Death and alcohol

cross on the mountainIn Ghana death is different than with us. Ghanians celebrate death. They believe you reincarnate after that. It gives them hope, but not for this life, for an other life, after this one.

Ghanians are stong believers, and they do express this everywhere. For example with a big billboard on the bank building. Or at the ‘Holy Jezus Haircutter’. Everything is blessed by god, also the death. They celebrate the death with a 24 hour party, which involves music and alcohol.

We heard this one funny story about Ghanian funeral. At the funeral the people move the dead body. At one moment it can be possible that the dead body does not want to move anymore. Then everything stops, even a car will break down and will not go any further.

The only solution is to buy alcohol and pour it on the dead body. Only after that the spirit of the dead body will proceed. The car will work again and the moving can continue.

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