Village life

wise manOur first destination after Accra was this tiny village. A nice little village, located at the river, only reachable by boat. No cars, no motorbikes.

Here they embrace the traditional lifestyle. A lifestyle very different from the lifes we live. A lifestyle where there is a strong connection within the comminity.  A lifestyle where respecting the elderly is important.

There is a wise man in the village. He is said to be 90 years old. His eyes are not working, but his brain still is. You can not come to this village without meeting the wise man, and you can ask him whatever you like.

There is also a chief in the village. He will welcome you . You can make a picture of him, but he insist on putting on his formal clothes. You can not come to this village without meeting the chief.

There are kids at the village too. They are curious, but also a little shy. They love to play, anything, whatever. They like to hang out with you. It is impossible to leave the village without loving these kids.

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