Young spirit

showing the basketThere you are

Weaving your basket

You are doing it with so much care

You are a hard working boy

Enjoying the company

So proud to show your work

We can try it

But when we make a mistake you definitively let us know

Because the basket has to be perfect

And it is

It is not just a simple basket

It has little details in the weaving

And different colours

You thought about the size

Not too big, because it won’t fit in your bag

You thought about the price

But I think it is too cheap

When you are finished you help your sister

With cleaning the tables

And you help us

With carrying our bags

If you were born somewhere else

Your possibilities would be endless

Because you have the character

To become a succesfull young man

But here your possibilities are limited

And still

Your future chances are better

Than that of so many other kids

I hope for the best for your future

I hope you can develop yourself

I hope you can be whatever you want to be

I hope you can have a good life

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