Camping with a 15 months old

Last weekend we went camping. It was our second time camping with our little girl, and she likes it a lot! In this blog I will tell you about how we camp.

Camping: this is how we do it

Rob and I liked to camp in the weekends before we had Lily. We had a tent, but it was too small for the three of us. When we wanted to have a weekend away, we decided to buy a new tent, since the price of the tent was the same as the price of accommodation for one weekend. So with this tent we could go away more weekends for the same price, since a camping is always cheap.

Borken am See-6761Relaxing on the camping

The tent

We decided to buy the Coleman Oak Canyon 4 tent . This is a black out tent, which is really great! Lily goes to bed at around 7 to 8 pm. At that time it is still light outside in the summer. She also wakes up early in the morning when there is too much daylight. The black out tent worked out just fine for us. Lily sleeps very well in it and even sleeps longer in the morning then she does at home!

Borken am See-6756Our tent

Another advantage of this tent is that the inner tent had 2 seperate cabins, which can be çombined, so there is one big cabin. We also like the big awning, so there is enough space to sit when it is chilly and to put your stuff.

Deryan Travel cot

When we travel, Lily mostly sleeps in a Travel Cot from Deryan. It’s a small foldable tent with an anflatable matrass. I know there are a lot of mixed reviews about using this tent but we like it a lot! Lily sleeps great in it! It is super easy to set up and super lightweight. We use it a lot. We have this baby travel cot. For us it is a must have item when travelling with a baby.

Noise/screaming baby

This was the most important fear we had; our baby screaming and crying all night and keep everybody awake. Disturbing the rest-seeking people. I must admit I was nervous the first time we went camping. How happy I was to see this field full of other kids. Even more happy to hear all the kids crying and screaming from time to time, especially around bedtime. I was so glad to find out the sound fades away quite quick in the open air. And we were lucky, because Lily slept great in the tent. But I guess she will not be the only kid sleeping good in a tent, I hear it a lot from other parents, a lot of kids sleep better while camping, maybe it’s the fresh air all day. I just want to say, do not  let this stop yourself from camping. We had a wonderfull time!

Borken am See-6780Breakfast on the camping

Borken am See-6810Camping near the water, so wonderfull!

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