Wildpark Frakenhof, a nice day out in Germany

In Germany they have something called ‘tierpark’ or ‘wildpark’. It is something in between a children’s farm and a zoo. They do have animals, but not the really wild and big ones. It’s usually smaller than a zoo and bigger than a children’s farm. It’s a great day out with small kids, and it’s cheap! We went to Wildpark Frankenhof, which has a 9 euro entrance fee for adults, 8 euro for kids and it’s free for children under the age of two. We live near the german border, so for us it’s super easy to go to such a park in Germany and have a great day out.

Borken am See-6624

This blog is about Wildpark Frankenhof

Wildpark Frankenhof: the animals

There are  lot of different animals in this wildpark. Sometimes it’s possible to get in the cage, for example with the goats. The beginning of the park is a bit cramped, but after that it gets wide, the animals as well as the visitors get more space. I liked this second part of the park the most. There are deer, duck, swine, cow, moose and a lot more animals.

Some of the animals in Wildpark Frankenhof

Sometimes I just like to play with my camera. So I made this series of these two very funny sheep.

Fairytale forest in Wildpark Frankenhof

There is also a fairytale forest. That distinguishes this wildpark from other wildparks, where there are usually only animals. The fairytale forest was small, but it was perfect for a little girl.

Nice day out

The wildpark was a nice and relaxed day out for us. It is perfect for small kids, it’s close to the dutch border and cheap!

Climbing and scrambling

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