Holiday in Holland

A weekend in Maasbommel

Maasbommel is a nice and small town in Holland. It is located near the river ‘Maas’, which is a natural border between two provinces in the Netherland, ‘Gelderland’ and ‘Noord Brabant’. Maasbommel is situated in vacation spot ‘De Gouden Ham’, which is an area where a lot of watersports are done. We enjoyed a weekend on a small camping here. We slept in a small hut, very close to the water and enjoyed ourselves cycling and walking in the environment.

What makes the surroundings here very special, is the big amount of water and dikes. On the photo’s you can see the nice combination between the green meadow and the blue of the water. It was also very nice to see a lot of small boats.

You could cross the water with small ferries. This was so much fun to do! The first three pictures are of a ferry for cars and bikes, the last one is only for pedestrians. It would be so special to live here and use these ferries to go to your job! We loved it!:)

One morning we woke up and it was very foggy. I always like it to make photo’s of spiderwebs when it has been foggy.

For the next photo I used a filter, which allowed me to extend my shuttertime. In this way, you can see a little bit of movement in the photo. When you look at the water, is looks very smooth and between the trees it is clear that there is fog.


This weekend we were also lucky with a lot of sunbeams! The weather was very nice, something you never know for sure in Holland. Sun with clouds makes a very nice sky, which I love! A person we met in Japan told us that the low standing sun is unique for Holland, and the special light it gives is something dutch artists use in their paintings.

Besides beautiful nature, we also saw an old castle, with a very cool canal around it, an old church and ate apple pie! Is it typical dutch to eat tea of coffee with apple pie?

What you see a lot in the Netherlands, are sheep. They are everywhere! They are used as mower. This one is very cool looking.



Besides making new photo’s in Holland, I am also busy exhibiting the photo’s I made during my trip around the world. I exhibit my photo’s with the title ‘colourful world’. With the exhibitions I hope to show how beautiful, diverse and colourful our world is. I also like to show the different people I met around the world,  because everywhere around the world, people do the same things in their own way. There is no good or bad, only a different.  I made a page on my website, on which you can see where my photo’s are exhibited, check out this link. At this moment my photo’s are at the Travel Health Clinic in Hengelo, a clinic where you can go to get your vaccinations and medicines when you want to go abroad.

Expositie THC 1

There are two new exhibitions coming up, which are not on the website yet: In November my photo’s will be at ‘ROC van Twente’ in Hengelo, a local school. Here are a lot of students from foreign countries, so I hope they can enjoy and recognize the beauty of the world. Later in November and in December I will exhibit my photo’s at ‘Tankstation’ in Enschede. This is a socio-cultural meeting place where great food, music, fun activities, arts and culture takes place. My photo’s will be exhibited at the restaurant, which serves vegetarian food twice a week. The opening will probably be 21-11 at 17:00, you are all invited! I will keep you updated on my website and my Facebook!


If you want to have a photo I made in your living room, office, kitchen, of whatever place you like, that is possible now! I started selling my photo’s on Etsy, a big online marketplace.


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