One of the friendly sales people

Daytrips from Candidasa: from water palaces to chocolate

Our previous post was about Candidasa itself and the beaches. But Candidasa is much more than that, it also makes ...
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Picking up shells

Candidasa: relaxing, loti, and the beach

After a wonderful time in Munduk, we went to Candidasa. We choose Candidasa to have some beach time without the ...
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The travel companions enjoying the view

Munduk: culture

After a blog about the people of Munduk and nature around Munduk it's time for our last post about the ...
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Munduk: lovely nature

The previous post about Munduk was about the people. But the biggest reason people come to munduk is for the ...
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Munduk: meeting the locals

Munduk is a village in an area with lots a nature, waterfalls and ricefields. And after Canggu we were craving ...
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Indonesie Canggu-8359

Canggu, surfers, good food and a temple in the sea in Bali

So when arriving on Bali something terrible happened. Take a close look at the second picture. One of the travel ...
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After Jakarta we chose to stay in Bogor for two days. Bogor is close to Jakarta (only 41 km from ...
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Jakarta: modern city

Yes, we made it: Indonesia! We will be travelling here for 3 weeks with our 15 month old girl. The ...
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Borken am See-6624

Wildpark Frakenhof, a nice day out in Germany

In Germany they have something called 'tierpark' or 'wildpark'. It is something in between a children's farm and a zoo ...
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Borken am See-6761

Camping with a 15 months old

Last weekend we went camping. It was our second time camping with our little girl, and she likes it a ...
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Lily her first time on the beach

La Palma, black beach and colorful towns

Black vulcanic beach Hiking was the main reason we went to the Canary Islands. But we thought we should at ...
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Love the view!

La Palma, hiking in a varied landscape

We chose to go to the island of La Palma, because of the great hiking possibilities and because it was ...
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El Teide hiking with a baby

Canary Islands: Tenerife outside the tourist area

Hello there! It has been a while since I updated this blog. But that's been for a reason. In may ...
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Rob overlooking Cholla cactus garden

The mighty USA part 2: Joshua trees, the west coast and San Francisco

After an amazing sunrise in Grand Canyon National Park, we were full of energy for our long roadtrip to Morongo ...
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My cowboy

The mighty USA part 1: from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon

The United States of America is on a lot of people's wishlist. This big country is famous for it's national ...
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On the streets

Old buildings, jews and street art

Where can you find a combination of old buildings, jews and street art? You can definitely find this in the ...
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A lot of wind!

Autumn in Scotland

Scotland, the land of highlands and lowlands. Beautiful nature and stunning scenery. Old towns and castles. How beautiful would it ...
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Holiday in Holland

A weekend in Maasbommel Maasbommel is a nice and small town in Holland. It is located near the river 'Maas', ...
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The big fat cat

A big fat cat and exhibition in a caravan

It has been more than a month ago since my last blog. In a month a lot happened. In this ...
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Travel companions-11

The journey of the travel companions

After half a year of travelling, I collected a lot of photo's. The photo's of the travel companions are spread ...
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Harajuku, just a person on the street

Is this the end? About Tokyo, Rome and our lessons learned

We ended our time in Japan with a couple of days in Tokyo. What a great city... It's of course ...
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We're back home in the Netherlands by now, but we did not blog about all our destinations yet. After Phillipines ...
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Stopping at an other piece of paradise

Island life: paradise part 2

So last time we ended in El Nido, from where we would take a 5 day boat trip to Coron ...
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The travel companions also like to relax here!

Introducing: Paradise

So we left Sri Lanka, enjoyed our layover in Kuala Lumpur, and went on to… the Philipines. After the high ...
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Tempted? Galle beach

Sri Lanka, to Kuala Lumpur, to ….. (????)

Last time we blogged we were in the Sri Lankan highlands, amidst tea plantations. But Sri Lanka is an island, ...
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Praying to Buddha

The diversity of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a pretty diverse country. We started in the Hindu north with it’s Bollywood music, south Indian food ...
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People smashing coconuts and holy cows at Nainativu Nagapooshani Amman temple

Sri Lanka: culture(shock)

Our arrival in Sri Lanka started off perfectly. One of the Sri Lankans on the plane had recognized me: Leonardo ...
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Beautiful people at Chisi Island, Lake Chilwa

Our final week in Africa, we loved it!

After Liwonde it was time for our last week in the beautiful country of Malawi. Before leaving Africa altogether we ...
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Ready to offload goods

Around Lake Malawi

And then it was time for the next leg of our journey. We wanted to travel south to Cape Maclear ...
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Livingstonia scenery

Northern Malawi

We start this blog with some bad news. Lidewij’s grandmother just died. She broke her leg 2 weeks ago and ...
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Selling stuff to the train passengers

Travelling south in Tanzania

The next country we really wanted to visit was Malawi. Being in the north of Tanzania, we first would have ...
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Beautiful Masaai women

The north of Tanzania

So again we managed to get a bit behind on our blogposts. Our travel in Tanzania was rather high paced, ...
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street in stonetown

Dar and Zanzibar

So after a great time in Ghana, our next destination was Tanzania. We were really curious how different this country ...
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Travel companions building a sand castle

Ghana: from north to south

So the travel companions are back again. After a hectic period, they finally got out again at the beach. This ...
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Selling kule kule (something like peanut chips) at the market

Your requests, food and people

Last time I asked you what you would like to see. This blogpost contains your requests and some more pictures ...
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field trip dance

What would you like to see?

Before I begin this blog, I would like to ask you something. Next week will be my last week in ...
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Portraits: the faces of a Ghanian village

This weekend I went to shoot some photo's in a Ghanian village, where I stay at the moment. All these ...
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Newyear, blessings and not celebrating your birthday

I wish you all the best for 2017 and I hope this year will bring a lot of love, fun, ...
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Chirstmas and holidays

This Thursday was the last working day at the office. It was accompanied by a ‘meat party’. This party involved ...
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My new life in Ghana

Now that I am one week with my host family and started working, it begins to feel like home, and ...
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host family

Host family and the first week

I am almost one week in Ghana now. Now that I am with my host family and beginning to have ...
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Travel companions

Introducing: my travel companions

Exactly one week from today I will start my adventure. I will travel for half a year, starting with two ...
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